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Tried out Horror Tales: The Wine, click HERE for the video!

Had a blast with this, the scenery was breathtaking! Makes me want to move into a nice Tuscany villa... without a plague and a cold-blooded murderer coming after me.

The scares really got me a few times there, good job. I'll have to do a full game playthrough sometime!

This game looks great, unfortunately I can't agree with a lot of the other comments on this page. The gameplay isn't anymore unique or thrilling than any other walking simulator horror game. You're never in danger and when you are, there's no consequence for failing to make that distinction. The puzzles aren't difficult and felt forced in their implementation. 

My favorite aspect of this game is undoubtedly the surreal 'in your mind' moments where things are floating and you can push them around. It gave me Shadow of the Eternal vibes but those sections are unfortunately few and far between. 

I hope the full game shows big changes.

Thanks for making games!

I played the full version, of course. I can only say that it is one of the best games that I have played for a long time or even at all. it has a few nerve-wracking passages, but they can be mastered with calm and patience. not a real shocker, but a super creepy atmosphere !!!

what a Beautiful scenery for a horror game. and it got me spook real good.

I absolutely love this. The scares are curated so well- there's creativity and tension build-up (which is hard to find done artistically these days) that makes it a true ride into horror. Amazing, brilliant work. I'm definitely going to be playing the full game. Thank you for making something so amazing.

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I relly love this game, best horror game

I loved this a lot and what a great prologue it was, it introduced the gameplay and type of puzzles, it gave a good teaser of the story and created enough atmosphere to get a feeling for the game. Gorgeous work, I will probably get the whole game and play it on my channel because even if I hate getting chased by creeps, I do love some story-heavy atmospheric horror experience!
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Didn't realize the full game was out when I played this. I also see that the steam port has full controller support so disregard that comment in the video. Otherwise, this was absolutely fantastic and I loved it. Really awesome job for a one-man dev team! The jumpscares were really on point to. Can't wait to play the full game and the other parts of the saga.


This was an absolutely phenomenal demo. Great scares and atmosphere, with enough to keep players wanting more. I'm sorry that your games never were on my radar before, I'll definitely be checking them out in the future.


A little short even for a prologue but it definetly makes me want to try the full game!.

This game made me feel so damn uncomfortable that i was actually shaking, so uhhhh I am excited for the rest of the games 

maninho, namoral, esse game tá sinistro! To sentindo que vai ser muito bom a gameplay completa,  PARABENS  pelo trampo mano! seria pedir mt uma versão pt br ?! rapazeada to começando no youtube, quem puder fortalecer com 1 visu, vou ficar mt feliz, obrigado p geral! tmj


Amazing game. I can't wait to play the other two games. Congrats!


The game was really good, played it a while back. Great atmosphere and beautiful graphics!

very good demo and super interesting can't wait to be able to play more!

Отличный хоррор,охотник просто топ.Полное прохождение игры в плейлисте

Gave it a Let's Play, the visuals/art style is pretty. I had a few things I gave feedback surrounding or nitpicks here and there, otherwise, interesting game - 

How dare ye stalk me with that gun. XD. But overall really good demo. Great creeep factor . Though I wish I could run a bit farther before being tired. Other then that, nice job.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

Kind of a sucker for games made in Unreal Engine, went in blindly, yeah there were puzzles and some scares, the only thing I didn't like is how the guy takes like 5-8 running steps and he's out of breath lol, the game was actually quite beautiful, the full release should be very interesting! 5/5


Well, he is a bit drunk, isn't he? ahhahahaha

The full game is already released on all platforms and consoles :)



Awesome demo!

Looking forward to the full game. 

Hey! Thanks for your support. The full game is already released on all platforms and consoles :)



Thank you for revealing the demo.

With all due respect, do you have any plans to add Korean?

Hey! Thanks for your support :)

Yes, there are plans to add Korean. I have enabled community localizations for it. You can read more about it here:

Big hug

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Very cool! It looks amazing! Can't wait to try the demo...


Just make sure to check out the tunnel in the beginning ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Man this looks awesome.
I hope there are frozen sea waves here too!

There are some strange seas indeed :) :)


Hi! I am the solo gamedev of HORROR TALES: The Wine. If you have any questions I'll be happy to answer them :) post them here and I'll do my best to deliver quick!

Big hug,